How does this sound?

Full property management

Only £84 a month

That's all you'll pay us to manage your property, however high the rent.

No commission. No hidden costs.
And including VAT.

Lettings service

From £354

Our lettings service finds the right tenant for your property and includes drawing up the tenancy agreement.

Again, no hidden costs, and including VAT.

How do these compare with other Milton Keynes letting agents' prices?

If you've already checked out other local letting agents, you'll know those prices are a good deal. Though there's a good selection of agents to choose from in the city – including, for example, Connells, Alan Francis, Haart, Cauldwell, Wilson Peacock and Taylors – Milton Keynes property management prices in general simply aren't as competitive as they could be.

Take a look around, and you'll find most Milton Keynes agents charging on average 10% of the rental price as the monthly management fee. Not to mention the VAT on top.

This means that even on an average Milton Keynes property bringing in £1050 a month, you'd be saving £504 every year in management fees alone by choosing Zest. The higher the rent, of course, the more you save.

And that's just the start.

You'd think a monthly management fee would cover everything involved in managing the property. Surely that's the point? But not all agents see things the same way.

What sort of extra costs are letting agents charging on top of the monthly fee?

Some agents charge separately for property management services that you would expect come as standard, such as inventories and tenant checkouts. Most charge for renewals. And would it occur to you that a property management contract wouldn't include routine inspection visits? Check carefully.

On top of that, many property management agents think it's OK to add a large mark-up to the cost of any maintenance work they organise for you – without telling you. Make a note, too, that most agents don't include VAT in their headline figures despite being required to do so by law. So that's another 20% to add on to every number you see.

What might I pay in total?

Here's what you'd pay at different agents for the following typical scenario:

Year 1

Tenants found, an initial 6 month AST agreement, tenant check in, an inventory, inspections every 3 months, deposit protection, full property management, rent protection & legal cover, renewal for a second 6 month AST agreement. VAT included.

Year 2

(Service level continued from year 1)
Tenant renews occupancy on a 12 month AST agreement. VAT included.

How many beds are in your property?

1-3 bed House renting out at £1050 a month

  Connells Alan Francis Haart Cauldwell Wilson Peacock Taylors Zest
Year one Includes tenant find and letting £2,608 £1,643 £2,321 £2,028 £2,632 £2,692 £1,512
Check out or £65 £0 £75 £0 £95 £140 £0
Year two renewal & property management £2,134 £1,571 £1,967 £1,776 £2,164 £2,164 £1,203
Saving Year 1 £1,096 £131 £809 £516 £1,120 £1,180  
Saving Year 2 £931 £368 £764 £573 £961 £961  

*Comparison involved actual property viewings - prices updated to reflect current advertised market rates July 2016.

So do Zest's prices really include the same services as the more expensive agents?

Yes. And, in some cases, more.

Here's what our award winning service includes:

Service Letting Management
Consultation Yes Yes
Rightmove and Zoopla listings Yes Yes
Accompanied viewings Yes Yes
Tenant references Yes Yes
Tenancy agreement Yes Yes
Deposit protection Yes Yes
Professional inventory Yes Yes
Tenant check-in Yes Yes
Tenancy renewal Yes Yes
Rent collection Yes Yes
Monthly statement Yes Yes
Debt control and recovery Yes Yes
Property maintenance management -including 24 hour emergency contact Yes Yes
Annual rent reviews Yes Yes
Routine inspections Yes Yes
Dispute management Yes Yes
Rent and legal expense warranty Yes Yes
Tenant check-out Yes Yes
  £354 £84pcm

*Tailored services are available on request.

What about the standard of service?

You might wonder if our lower costs mean we cut corners when it comes to looking after you, your property and your tenants. The answer is a definite no and we’ve received another two allAgents customer experience awards for best letting agent to prove it. We picked up the silver award for the best Letting Agent in Milton Keynes 2017. And on top of this, we picked up the silver award for the best Letting Agent in Buckinghamshire too. Next year it's Gold!

allAgents Silver Award 2017 - Best Letting Agent in Milton Keynes for Customer Experience allAgents Silver Award 2017 - Best Letting Agent in Buckhinghamshire for Customer Experience

Our pricing simply reflects our landlord-focused approach. It doesn't cost an agent any more to manage a property bringing in £2,000 a month than a property renting out for £800. So why should a landlord have to pay more?

When it comes to our lettings service, yes, we do charge more for a larger house. That's because larger properties require longer viewings, often involving second viewings and take more time to prepare for tenancy than smaller homes.

So what can you expect if you choose Zest to manage your property?

You already know you can expect to save money. And of course, we check rental prices regularly to make sure you receive current market rates. You can do this yourself with our online valuation tool. It's a useful free service to check the rental values of similar properties in the local area.

At the same time, you can expect we'll market your property widely and to the target audience. We'll work hard to show your property at its best and to find the right tenants (rather than just any tenants).

Once you've approved a prospective tenant, you can expect us to sort out all the legal paperwork – of which there's an ever-increasing amount.

With our MD a qualified member of the Association of Professional Inventory Providers, you can expect a detailed report on the condition of the property, including photos, to protect you in case of any disputes when the tenant leaves.

You can then expect us to take good care of your property and your tenants. Our multilingual online repair reporting form makes it easy for tenants to tell us what's wrong. We also provide an out of hours emergency contact number. Regular inspections allow us to spot unreported issues before they become expensive problems, which also strengthens tenant relationships. Where work is required, our team of local contractors are always on hand to deliver a prompt and reliable service. And – unlike many agents – we will only charge you cost price for the work. No markups and no £600 for changing a lightbulb!

You can, of course, also expect us to collect the rent – and to pay you promptly. Unlike some agents who hold onto the money for a full calendar month.

Importantly, we'll help you meet the many and varied legal obligations of being a landlord. We'll take the routine elements off your hands, and answer any questions you might have.

Should you want to end a tenancy for any reason, we'll issue the statutory notices and liaise with the tenant. In the unlikely event of significant rent arrears or other breaches, we'll advise you of your options and guide you through the process.

When it's time for tenants to leave, you can expect us to visit on the final day of the tenancy, to take meter readings, collect keys and check the condition of the property. If any work needs doing, we'll negotiate with the tenant on your behalf and deduct costs from the deposit.

And at every stage, you can expect us to work fairly on your behalf. As members of the Property Ombudsman for Lettings scheme, we're committed to working in your interests at all times. If you ever feel we haven't done this, you have access to the TPO's binding dispute resolution service which can ask us to pay you compensation. (It's never happened yet).

What our landlords have to say about us

I am very pleased with the services provided by Zest. Starting from property inspection report and almost daily contact with Hayley for any updates.

M Alasfore -

I have found Zest to be really professional. They are a small company and so are welcoming and personal too. I have never had any problem with contacting them, they always update you, and keep you informed. Their priority is getting in quality tenants - which for me is really important.

Rita Jenkins -

Zest has managed the letting of my property for 2 years and throughout the whole of the time they’ve been extremely professional in all their dealings. Trisha is an excellent businesswoman who's attention to detail shines through in the service they offer. I feel totally confident that my property is in safe hands and that inspections etc would be carried out on time and accurate feedback provided - this is extremely important to me as a private landlord living out of the area.

I was especially impressed with the way that Trisha and Teresa managed an issue that arose when our tenants experienced some short term financial difficulty. Their swift actions ensured that my investment was protected as well as the best interests of our tenants.

I would definitely recommend Zest to any landlords seeking a first class letting agent or property manager.

Sue H -

The team at Zest have been responsible for all aspects of my property, including finding & vetting potential tenants, collection of funds, maintenance etc., for several years. I live overseas so need to feel confident that everything is well taken care of. I have always found everyone at Zest to be professional fair, efficient and responsive - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Mark -

In a competitive industry, Zest manage to stand head and shoulders above the competition by offering a unique, bespoke and totally diligent service that is unmatched from my humble experiences to date. A close team focused on completing business quickly and professionally. I highly recommend Zest without any hesitation.

Mr Adams -

As landlords, we have been completely satisfied with the service we receive from Zest Residential. Every time an issue with the house arises, they alert us to it immediately and suggest a range of options for remedying it. Teresa and Sheryl and Trisha are always completely professional, courteous and prompt in responding. Having Zest look after our property has truly meant that we do not worry about it at all. I would highly recommend this letting agency to anyone thinking of letting their house.

Donna Ladkin -

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